Live From Hermans Hideaway


Your name will be added to our guest list along with how many tickets you’ve purchase. On the day of, Just give your name at the door. Doors open at 8pm


Long before I became known to Broncos Fans as TheMadFanatic, I was an aspiring singer/song writer who went by the stage name “Jimmy Sol”. The name was inspired by my late father who everyone called “Jimmy”. “Sol” in most languages means sun so I chose the name because I believe my father’s light continues to shine through me. (My father who art in Heaven).

In 2011, I released my first Broncos song, “Blue and Orange” and to my surprise it blew up on Youtube (over 100,000 views). After that I made another Broncos song then another then another and before I knew it I was focusing solely on Broncos music and Jimmy Sol became a thing of the past.

After 7 years and 7 Broncos albums, I realized that while I hadn’t been making Jimmy Sol music, the desire to never left. I was trying to find ways to make Broncos songs that were actually about faith and perseverance and love and the ups and downs of life (ie Get Back On the Horse, Giddy Up, Finally Again, inches, etc). I’d have people coming up to me saying “hey your song helped me through a divorce, or helped me overcome addition, or bullying, etc. After a lot of prayer I realized that God gave me a gift to create music that inspired people to win as well as help overcome loses, in LIFE. That message and and that light needed to be shared with the world not just Broncos fans.

On 4.19 (Good Friday) TheMadFanatic and Jimmy Sol are coming together to releasing “The Good Life You Deserve”, a narrative piece that gives the listener a first hand look into the life of a struggling dreamer (recording artists) with a wife and 2 kids who’s been afraid to reach for more. Afraid to lose sight of his values and become greedy and superficial, afraid of failing, afraid of the things that come with success. The experience is a lot like a self help book and hopefully is a story that will inspire people to become the best versions of themselves.

I decided to have an album release party and concert in Denver because I want to give the same fans who supported me as TheMadFanatic, who showed me so much love over the years, who’ve helped give me the courage to step out and try to do more an opportunity to go on this Journey with me.

So on 4.19 I’m celebrating the release of my new album “The Good Life You Deserve” with a concert in Denver, CO at Herman’s Hideaway and it would mean the world to me if you came out to celebrate with me!

Thank You so much!,

TMF /Jimmy Sol/ Andrew Young